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D&R Rental: 5 Ways to Avoid Aerial Lift Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, workplace injuries cost our economy $198.2 billion a year. The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) regulates employers from forcing workers to use unsafe equipment or work in an unsafe environment. Below are five simple ways to avoid aerial lift injuries.


It's important to ensure a safe work environment when using aerial equipment. Common lift hazards that lead to construction injuries can range from electric shock or entanglements to tip-overs or collapses. In most instances, several of these hazards are presented at the same time. A worker can become entangled in a cable attached outside of the platform and be dragged off the platform. A worker can touch an electrified object and receive shock, causing misbalance and potentially falling off the platform. These hazards are easily avoidable if the work environment is properly managed.

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Hiring The Right Rental Equipment Company

When choosing a construction rental equipment company, typically you are looking for these key qualifications: Reliability, Cost, Company Reputation, Ease of Rental, and Location. From among the many construction rental equipment companies in the marketplace, D&R for many reasons, stands above the rest.

1. Ready and Reliable Rental Equipment
2. Lowest Rates in Southern California
3. DR Equipment Rental 's Reputation
4. Ease of Equipment Rentals
5. Conveniently Located in Ontario
6. DR Equipment Rental Saves Your Company Money

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OSHA - What's Coming in 2014

From Silica exposure to confined spaces in construction OSHAS regulatory agenda for 2014 includes important proposals, final rules, and preludes that all employees and businesses should know about.

1. Confined Spaces in Construction
2. Injury and Illness Reporting
3. Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Record Keeping Data
4. Electronic Power Transmission and Distribution - Electrical Protective Equipment
5. .Slips and Falls Personal Protection Systems
6. Exposure to Repairable Crystalline Silica

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The Forklift

A forklift also known as a lift truck, fork truck and forklift truck is an industrial truck used to lift and move heavy materials short distances. The forklift has become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations since its development in the early 20th century. Because of the high cost of a forklift, from $20,000 – $111,000+, most companies choose to rent a forklift from a local equipment rental company.

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David Hasselhoff On DR Equipment Rental

Increase Of Construction Safety Inspections Coming To California

Photo courtesy of sfgate.com If you’re a construction company operating your business in the state of California, you are going to want to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row. According to a recent article on NatLawReview.com, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) is expected to increase their number of inspectors to check employers’ fall protection safety programs.

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DR Equipment Rental - Renting Equiptment to contractors since 1984

DR Equipment Rental has been renting to homeowners and contractors in the San Bernardino, L.A., Orange County, and Riverside counties since 1984. We offer the lowest rental and delivery rates in our industry, so there is no need to look elsewhere for lower pricing. We currently carry over 60 different earth moving, lift, concrete, dewatering, safety, trenching, compaction, temporary power and lighting equipment, scaffolding, electric tools, dump trucks, air compressors, jackhammers, and sand blasters. We are here to be your one stop shop for all your equipment needs.

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| May 2, 2014
California Home and Commercial Remodels

Ontario California; considering a re-model? One of the most common questions we get is “What is the best time of year to do this?” For many places around the country, the summer season is the most popular for remodeling. It's true that sunny days and warm weather are very beneficial when it comes to working outside, but there is much more to consider when planning a remodeling project than just the temperature. In many cases, knowing when to remodel is likely to save you money as well as time during your project; while spring and summer might be the most popular seasons for home improvement, typically it is also the hardest season to get the items that you need.

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